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2048, an app that is dangerously addictive…

Posted by on Sep 15, 2014

2048, an app that is dangerously addictive…

Before getting the application 2048, you have to know what you are getting yourself into:

you will start a love-hate relationship with this game, that will drive you crazy!

The first time I played it, I played it for 4 hours in a row, without even realizing it – and without even noticing when people were talking to me – so be careful, don’t play it too often otherwise it will ruin your social life!!

But it’s soooo addictive!!! The goal is to add up tiles that are the same number, until you manage to get a tile that is 2048…or more. And I am telling you, you won’t be able to stop playing this game until you have reached your goal!

So put on your thinking cap and start strategizing to get there!

Good luck!!

And let me know how you are doing 😉


app-2048-en-3 app-2048-en-4 app-2048-en-5

app-2048-en app-2048-en-2

Price: free

Platform: iPhoneiPad, iPod touch, Android

Available for iOS 4.3 + on the Apple Store


and in Google Play for Android 2.2+


Mobile application Recommended by Apps For Women.


Cases for phones and tablets.


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